Help ma boab! My site isn't up to date and its now 2015!

So it can be no bad thing that I have no time to update my own website?! Right! 2014 has gone by in a flash with lots of interesting projects and I've not had the time to either make my own website propery responsive or show these recent projects off!

Not got the time to add these projects in with the information they deserve but I will do that the next gap in my schedule.

Infowall at Glasgow Science Centre

So this was just a dream project, creating an interactive exhibit in Glasgow Science centre whch was spread accross 5 massive touch screen displays!  Back to using my old pal Flash (yes, I still love it.. when used appropriately of course!). 

Infowall at Glasgow Science Centre


Mmmmmm, Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin on Marram Grass

Fantastic client, delicious drink, brilliant bottle design by Pocket Rocket Creative to use as a launch point!  I had a lot a lot of freedom with this site and very ameniable clients to work with.  There are plans for further evolution in the pipeline too so watch this space!

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