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So, I've been a bit remiss with updating my blog, but I now think even a short post is better than none! I've been putting myself through bit of a crash course in responsive web design recently, and have been meaning to write about it for a while now.

First off the bat was Glasgow Man With Van  This was a really simple 1 page site, and the client was a dream!  Loved every idea I had and the creative freedom was quite empowering!  I designed it myself (I sometimes work with graphic designers) and coded it and used a lovely little Responsive CSS framework called Get Skeleton.  I helped the client with all their social media too and now they're off and running with it and winning so much new business they had to give up their second job!  Now thats success!

The next web project was a slightly larger affair and was a different experience with different challenges.  The client had some quite specific ideas about the design and also wanted to update their own content.  So a content management system was a must, with a custom theme.  Now, I'm not 100% being any particular CMS at the moment, but have been using both ModX and Wordpress of late.  I decided wordpress was the best solution in this instance, and used the Blank Slate wordpress theme to start. I added in the Get Skeleton framework and created my own custom theme on top.  Another great learning experience, another responsive website and a happy customer!  West Coast Woodfuels





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