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So for those of you you may have looked at my site with an apple device, you may have noticed that the portfolio menu looked blank. Ok, so there was stuff there, but only visible to those with flash installed.

The proper protocol when developing flash stuff for the browser, is to make sure there is a fallback for users without flash installed.  And this was always my intention, but when paid work came along it fell down the agenda and onto my todo list. 

So now, I'm doing my "todo" list and refreshing my site.  I was going to make a different menu to pop up using some snazzy javascript effects for users without flash.  But, when I looked into it I could actually really do more or less what I wanted with just CSS2.  I've ditched the second level of the menu which I wasn't so happy with on reflection and implemented a new menu for all users, flash be gone!  I could have used CSS3 and even had some of the nice transitions in too, but it wasnt really neccessary in the end.

Take a squiz!

Flash has a bad rep, and this is because it was so often used improperly or without proper fallback.   Flash is still an awesome tool when used appropriately, but in this instance it was definitly better to ditch it!  And I'm happy with the new menu which also fits in neatly with my CMS, meaning less work when I want to add a new piece to my portfolio!

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